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Our mission is to provide medical innovations that are affordable and improve the lives of people in both developed and developing countries.
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What we do

To achieve this we work with communities, artists, engineers, hospitals and clinicians to develop creative, low cost solutions that are environmentally sustainable.

Our key innovations are the

EAVAST method for finger fracture management. BTS GBalls - (in development)
EAVAST stands for Early Active Vector Adjustable Skin Traction. Butterfly traction system that provides new materials such as 3d printed finger caps and hypoallergenic tape to help apply EAVAST. A device for improving and restoring sensorimotor and fine motor control of wrists, elbows and shoulders such as after injury.


EAVAST uses non-invasive skin traction, foam blocks and straps to help put difficult finger fractures back into place without the need for surgery and allow early motion to help fast recovery.

We provide workshops and online training in the EAVAST method to hospitals and private hand therapists and surgeons. Contact us if you wish to attend a training session. Workshops have been conducted in Australia, Argentina and across Europe and the UK in the EAVAST method.

The Butterfly Traction System takes EAVAST to the next level, with 3d printed components, hypoallergic tape, and other components to help adjust and secure traction. It is protected by a provisional patent. The product is currently only available in Australia, and is Registered with the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration. It can be purchased from our Distributor – Total Patient Care.

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Our Team

Jason Fairclough
is the Founder of Kangaroo Medtek.

Jason is a qualified physiotherapist who specialises in hand therapy and sports injury management, and is an accredited member of the Australian Hand Therapy Association, and a Certified Hand Therapists

Jason completed the Medical Device Commercialisation Training Program in 2020 run by Cicada Innovations, and won two awards: The Sponsored Incubation Award; and the Design and Entrepreneurship Award.


Kangaroo Medtek has partnered with the following organisations in for project development:



The Butterfly Traction kit is currently being trialed by hospitals in Queensland Healthcare, as well as several hand therapy practices across various centers across Australia.


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New South Wales, Australia

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